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To the Editor of “Christianity Today”

This is the first letter of this sort in my more-than-half-a-century in Christian ministry. It comes out of a stark sense of incomprehensibility, and has to do with your call for the eviction of the current American president. 

I will be brief: (a) You have caught the president out as a moral failure. Congratulations. (b) You say he is a hypocrite. I repeat, congratulations. You are right on both counts.

My simple question is, why not the same treatment of past presidents? Why nothing about the “normalcy” of American presidential hypocrisy? Think of his predecessor, an inveterate and egregious liar. Did you ever call for the removal from the oval office of Bill Clinton? Or presidents Kennedy and Johnson, both famously immoral? 

Two questions: (a) Will every human being stand before God and give an account for his/her actions? (b) If so, how will any of our recent presidents escape hell for being murderers? For making heroes and heroines out of people who kill unborn babies, are good with their bodies being cut apart and marketed piece-meal for personal profit, while being unable to decide exactly how long abortion escapees should be allowed to live?

Maybe another question: (c) How many future American babies will have a chance at life because Mrs. Clinton did not become president, and Mr. Trump did? (d) Maybe a fourth: how many hundreds of thousands of babies might be saved – in the next fifty years – because of Supreme Court appointees by our current hypocrite of a president?

The recitation of Mr. Trump’s sins would make a multi-volume biography. Our presidential choices are difficult since – which may come as a surprise to you – each is binary. We don’t have seven choices.

What you have written will galvanize many against a “Christian” periodical which tells us who is and who is not truly repentant. (Thanks for that; we haven’t had anybody with that ability around since Jesus was here.) It will, as well, galvanize many conservative voters, who, in binary choices, will vote for the candidate who gets the big things right, however clayey his feet. 


William E. Anderson

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