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The Shaking

An earthquake, of truly seismic proportions, is coming to America, and to all of western civilization. It is going to shake us as nothing has in modern history since, say, the sixties, where its roots were already spreading throughout the world and are now culture-wide. There is now no place to hide.

The issue has to do with the very way we think of humanity, of social forces of every kind, of all (all!) human relations, in fact, of what it actually means to be human.

My focus here is that all this has invaded the church. Often subtly, sometimes openly, it is pervasive among believers, even evangelical ones, those who have historically held (purportedly) a high view of the biblical witness. Sadly, most of it (some would say all of it) is, at its base, provably anti-biblical.

A leading figure in American evangelicalism has spoken, and what he says demands our attention. Voddie Baucham, Jr., has written “Fault Lines” (Salem Books, 2021), in which he addresses, from a biblical perspective (a) what these movements are, (b) what they affirm and deny, (c) their baleful influence, (d) the measure to which they influence the church, (d) the inevitable (in his view) monstrous cultural earthquake which is upon us because of the influence of such movements, (e) how Christians can best save ourselves, our children, our churches, and our culture in the light of the impending rift, and (f) much else!

My entire purpose here is to simply encourage you to purchase, read, and study, the book immediately, and to encourage others to do so as well, if the book helps you. It could well serve as a bedrock primer for discussions of such issues in the culture, and, specifically, in the church.

Voddie Baucham brings to the task a keen mind, a passionate heart, brilliant logic, serious historical research, a thoroughgoing biblical worldview, and an exceptional life-long track record as a pastor/educator/author.

This is the one book, outside the Bible, that you need to study this year.

(PS: If you have time, and have further interest on the issue of racism/anti-racism in the world, I suggest a riveting book, almost a pamphlet (99 pages), “Racism and anti-racism since 1945” by Dr. Kathleen Brush (Bowker Publishing, 2020, ISBN 978-092882351) who has spent over thirty years reviewing international statistics on the subject. Brush reviews world-wide racism/anti-racism, from 1945—the date of the founding of the United Nations when all 193 nations signed an agreement to work against racism—and the results of the effort. She concludes by saying, and proving to her satisfaction, that no nation except the US ever took the task seriously, and that America is the least racist of all developed countries on earth. She quotes the well-known Somali-born black woman Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Stanford, agreeing with her: “America is the best place on the planet to be black.” (p.75)

One of the benefits of the book is that the reader can discover where slaves are bought and sold all over the globe. Today.

Bill Anderson
Grapevine, Texas

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