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Lincoln on Leadership

August 30, 2021

Abraham Lincoln was not a genius (a life-long student of him said); he was a man who had natural powers and abilities, but raised some of them to genius levels. That is his ultimate gift to the remainder of us...

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The Shaking

May 6, 2021

An earthquake, of truly seismic proportions, is coming to America, and to all of western civilization. It is going to shake us as nothing has in modern history since, say, the sixties, where its roots were already spreading throughout the...

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Can God Beat the Odds?

November 26, 2020

Is there time left for righteousness to win in our recent presidential election? Admit with me that it looks dim. But admit with me that “with God nothing is impossible,” as well. No honest American believes fraud was not perpetrated...

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Politics, Persons, and Paths to Ruin – another view

October 27, 2020

Recently, John Piper wrote an article entitled “Politics, Persons, and Paths to Ruin” relating to the upcoming presidential election. His essential argument is that Trump’s character is at least as corruptive of American society (if not actually more so) than...

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Connie’s Prayer

July 22, 2020

Yesterday I was talking with a friend, a black woman named Connie. She is a health-care worker, and a serious follower of Christ. She said to me, “What we really need to do is to pray. I mean, why not...

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Psalm 83 for America

June 23, 2020

While reading, at random, last night, I focused on Psalm 83. And was astonished. It is a prayer OF Israel FOR Israel, which every Christian American will do well to pray for America. Immediately! And often. It is aptly entitled,...

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June 1, 2020

America is awash with yellers lately. Cascades. Cataracts. I listen to a lot of it. I think it is about 98.035% blather. Yes, blather. I’ll be brief, and quiet. But I pose a simple question: is it possible that we’re...

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May 7, 2020

As the eyes are made for light, as the lungs are made for oxygen, as the heart is made for love, so the spirit of man is made for hope. “Doubt is devil-brother to despair!”  But how does one have...

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