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The End of Christianity?

Now they’re telling us that we may see an ordinance instituted in San Francisco which will prohibit any reference, in speech or writing, (illegal thoughts will be dealt with later) suggesting that homosexuality or homosexual marriage is immoral.

You didn’t think it would come to this? You didn’t think they were serious? In which sand-pile has your head been buried in?

Let’s go back. Jesus Christ was murdered because the “powers that be” didn’t like his ethics, his view of right and wrong, that is, New Testament morality. That didn’t, however, prevent western civilization from being birthed from his life and teachings. And for two thousands of years, all Europeans (all of them!) built a civilization based on him and what he said and did.

Now, in the twenty-first century, western civilization is in death throes. That is not an exaggeration. Even though homage is paid—wistfully and weakly–to Europe’s Christian heritage, it is largely a formality; churches are increasingly empty, church properties are for sale everywhere, what clergy is left is largely dispirited with many having given up the biblical faith, and a politician who took the faith seriously would be seen as a true oddity. (Check the web on “The Death of Christianity in Europe.”)

America, although “the most religious nation on earth,” seems, increasingly, to be matching the spiritual trajectory of Europe. (a) The mayor of Houston demanded, some time ago, that pastors in her city send copies of their sermons so her staff could check them for “hate” language. (That idiotic hiccup has died, of course; Houston pastors laughed and went on their way, preaching what they wished. It reminds of then senator Stephen Douglas attempting to get a bill before Congress in the late 1850s making it unlawful for pastors to even mention the subject of slavery in a sermon. I hope he produced ten thousand sermons the following Sunday on the evils of human bondage.) (b) The suggestion is made, and lauded, on national television, that the Vice President must be mentally ill because he believes God speaks to Christians today. (c) Mike Pompeo, in congressional confirmation hearings, was harassed about whether or not he thinks homosexuality to be a sin. That tells you absolutely nothing about being the Secretary of State for America; it tells you everything about the political left regarding Christianity in America! (d) The NY press has insisted that a “Chick-Fil-A” restaurant should not be allowed to open in their city. It is, they say, a “creepy infiltration” which is “identified with conservative Christian theology.”

In passing, one should ask why such vitriol is never directed at Islam. Imagine the screaming headlines, worldwide, if it was. The modern left is tolerant of a morality wide as the Pacific, but expresses a tight-fisted, teeth-gritting, iceberg-hearted bigotry against Christianity, and openly so.

The goal of the leftists is to rid America of every vestige of biblical influence. That became public as early as the 50s with “Hey, hey, ho, ho, western civ’s gotta go,” and continues to dominate leftist propaganda at every level. Consider what a well-known university professor, Millard Spencer Everett, wrote about the final citadel preventing such a takeover—which he feverishly desired. It is, he said, “the spell of Jewish-Christian mores” in America. (“Idols for Destruction” Schlossberg, p. 290) The “spell?” As if it is the flu or whooping cough? God be praised for the power and persistence of the that culture-saving “spell!”

What to do?

I. VITALIZE, that is, live out authentic biblical Christianity in your own life. Stop pussyfooting around debating fine shades of disobedience. Get a spiritual backbone. Get right and stay right. Today.

II. VOCALIZE, that is, talk about the biblical faith. Get intentional about that. Tell it to everybody you can. By whatever means you can. For ever as long as you can. Stop being ashamed of your crucified savior!

III. VISUALIZE, that is, stop giving so much attention to your job, house, golf game or vacation. Ask yourself, rather: what am I doing today that will make any real difference a hundred years from now? That other stuff is important, but it is the left hind heel of a gnat compared to saving your culture!

IV. VOTE! You must surely know the right to cast a vote is a rarity in the earth. A pipe-dream for the vast majority of humans. If voting seems dull, it won’t when you can’t. If you cannot vote for a good candidate, vote against a bad one. But VOTE. Exist!

Yes, I know: the devil just told you to believe that you are helpless in the face of the onslaught of history. That you, a single voice, cannot make a difference. But remember: belief is the essential component of worship. Stop worshiping hell.

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